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How will my gate know when to close?

There are a number of options but the most common is to have the gate automatically close through the use of a timer to close. The timer is adjustable from just a few seconds to over a minute. The timer can be set from the time the gate is opened or from the time the vehicle clears a certain point.

What prevents the gate from closing when something is in the way?

All motorized gates must be installed with safety devices that prevent property damage or injury in the event of an obstruction to the gate. All operators supplied and installed by Granite State Gate Systems, Inc. conform to ASTM-F2200 industry safety standards.

What type of gate is right for me?

Slide Gate Operators:

These operators are perfect for motorizing a cantilever or overhead track type gate. These systems will fully open and close the gate. You must take into consideration the type of gate, length, weight, and cycles of use. Slide gate operators are available in various horse powers, voltages, and phases.


Swing Gate Operators:

These operators are perfect for opening and closing a swing gate. You must take into consideration the type of gate, length, weight, and cycles of use. Swing gate operators are available in various horse powers, voltages and phases. In cooperation with other access devices, a swing gate operator will provide security, convenience and prestige to your residence.


Barrier Arm Operators:

Perfect for controlling traffic flow, these operators place a vinyl or aluminum arm across the lane of traffic. With the use of various access devices, the arm can be easily raised or lowered. Barrier Arm Operators are available with various length arms. Take into consideration the width of the opening, frequency of use, voltage and phase when selecting your operator.

Do automated gates require Snow Maintenance?

Yes, every automated gate requires snow maintenance during winter months. It is crucial that each type of gate is completely free & clear of all snow/ice. Sliding gates in particular need to be cleared from the opening, back of the gate and the entire gate track. Any time a snow storm is predicted, we highly recommend locking your gate open until the storm passes and the snow is clear.



Loop Detectors:

These devices are designed for detecting vehicle traffic while on top of the loop. Designed as a free exit or an obstruction device; a loop detector will provide both safety and access for vehicles. Wired to the gate operator, the loop detector can be adjusted for sensitivity and frequency. Loops (not included) are installed in the pavement below the vehicle traffic and wired into the loop detector.


Battery Back-up:

Designed for safety and security. A battery back-up can be installed in the operator to function when the power goes out. The back-up unit will sense the loss of power and respond with closing the gate (fail safe) or open the gate (fail safe).


Key Pads:

With the use of a designated code, you can operate your gate remotely from a weather-enclosed keypad on a gooseneck stand or mounted to a secure wall/structure. Available with a lighted background, call button and intercom features, keypads are available with one to one thousand code memories. You can also add and remove codes easily from the touch pad.

Card Readers:

The gate will only be activated when the card is waved or slid through the card reader head. If the reader shows "active", it will send a signal to the gate operator. With each card having its own identity, cards can be added or removed. Programmed from the back of the reader with a few simple steps, you can add up to several thousand cards. Tracking is also available for more in depth monitoring.

Telephone Entry Systems:

These systems are wired to an existing phone line, a dedicated line or wireless. When an individual approaches the gate, they will have the option of entering a keypad code, voice-over communication or live video feed. Strong internet signal is needed for any wireless system.


Keyed Switch:

Perfect for installation both inside and outside the gated area. Weather tight enclosure provides those with a key to open and close the gate, particularly helpful for winter weather maintenance.

Photo Eye:

To meet compliance with the UL325 Code, these devices are capable of detecting vehicle and pedestrian traffic, providing safety from injury. With a 30' range, the cell will detect anything that crosses its path. Available in various voltages, this device is wired to the operator. When its path is broken, the cell will send a message to the operator.

Seven Day Timer:

This device can be installed in your gate operator to open and close your gate at a specified time each day of the week. Wired to the operator, you may program the time for the gate to open and then close for a seven day cycle. This device should only be used in conjunction with pedestrian and vehicle safety devices.

For any other questions or information, please contact us via phone or e-mail.



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